Schools in the News

Schools that discriminate against gay and lesbian students or students who have gay and lesbian parents is something I am seeing a lot of lately.

In each case so far the outcomes have been different. One in Australia recently saw (READ HEREdid the right thing and reversed their decision. In that case it was simply the child’s parents were a lesbian couple. More interesting was it was a Catholic School.

The other case was that in the U.S where the Milton Hershey School has rejected a HIV positive student. (READ HERE)

In each case I have an opinion and would like to put it out there. In the first scenario which was in Australia, I have very strong opinions. Yes the school did the right thing in the end but does a Catholic School in Australia have the right to discriminate. My view on this is no. Why you may ask, well because if it was a private catholic school which was fully funded by the church then there may be grounds under the religious ethos to pick and chose who attends. I don’t think it’s right but being a religious school I see they would have a right. However in Australia I know that Catholic schools primarily rely on Government funding and this is where I have a problem. If you are taking money from the Government then you cannot discriminate. I deal with Government funding all the time and in all the Funding Deed's I see it is very clear about discrimination. So my opinion is if you receive funding from the tax payer then that is it. 
This may sound a little like a contradiction but in the US case I have a different view. This is a school that is privately funded by a trust set up by the Hershey family. The school is set up for low income families and is a boarding school. Their argument is that hey don't want to accept a HIV positive student because teenagers have sex. If this is the case then I think they should screen all students for any STI. They can't use this as an excuse and should be finding a way to help this young man. Just rejecting him because he's a teenager and may have sex to me is totally discriminatory. I just can't believe they are so far getting away with this. This young man isn't going to go around trying to spread HIV. This type of reaction is crazy. I guarantee if they screen all their students they will at the very least find some Hepatitis and probably some crabs lol. Are they going to get rid of all these students to. 
In this day and age, a school that has been set up to assist those less fortunate and who are not hiding behind religion have an obligation to do something. If you go to the link above there is a link to the statement on the schools website. I read it over and over again and still couldn't see any sense in their decision. What I could see is a school that is less concerned with the welfare of the people they are their to help and more fear of the unknown. 
You decide.