Jonah & the response

Like everyone out there I have watched the clip below. It’s a very powerful clip and like everyone else I was affected emotionally by watching it. There have been a lot of rumours about whether it was real or not but it is real. Thanks Jonah.

However in saying this, I hope it is watched by those decision makers out there who can influence government decision making. I have also found that as things improve out there and for many who didn’t have a particularly difficult coming out process there is a perception starting to form with many gay men that people who struggle are just weak or want the attention.
It appears there is this perception forming that being gay isn’t a big deal because many out there are not having the struggles, bullying and discrimination that was a given in years gone by. I am here to say you need to think again. You need to see the high number of gay related teen suicide, the number of bullying instances that are attributed to being gay and really take note of the horrendous times people are going through.

If things were as easy as you seem to think than you wouldn’t see the deaths that we are seeing or the campaigns that are being forged. Life for many isn’t that easy. I was fortunate to have a relatively easy coming out and very few problems but I will never take that for granted.

If you have any doubts than just Google gay bullying or gay teen suicide or similar and you will see the results. Take some time out of your life to do this and remember that as we enter the Christmas period that it is a very difficult time for many and has one of the highest rates of suicide. If you can reach out to one person, please do. You can make a difference. 
This other clip below is also a powerful message in response to Jonah and shows what is possible.