I may share a lot of my frustrations on here and I have certainly had a lot of kicks in my life but I really do believe life is beautiful. I can look at just about anyone or anything and see some form of beauty in it. When it comes to people I do see the beauty in people's personalities and not just their looks.

As human's I often think we miss the beauty in life when we let insignificant things affect us. I'm not saying those insignificant things won't affect us, but I think that we need to sometimes try and not focus on these and focus on the possibilities. Recently, without going into details someone who is on my FB has gone through a devastating event. I don't know the circumstances around it but I believe that how he is feeling took over and he found it difficult to see many of the positive things in life.

One of the common things I am hearing from people is that they feel alone and that they really don't exist. I think sometimes that when we spend a lot of time on social networking sites or interacting with people that really are not friends (just people we once knew), that eventually it hits that they really are not real and are not people that count. That's the moment when you feel alone.

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes things do feel hopeless. The person I always feel the closest to is the person I have chosen to spend my life with. When I have been single I just chose to believe that if I can't have someone who wants me to be with me 100% no exceptions then I am better off. I deserve someone who is totally committed. Yes, I have been with partners who I thought that about and then realised that wasn't the case, but in the end I knew I could be happy in the fact that I have never compromised my own values and commitment.

I see people who are going through a tough time a lot and even those I don't really know I care about. I can see that if I can care about people I don't really know then it has to work the other way. There are a lot of good people in the world and you should never underestimate the positive impact you have on people who you don't even know. They may be people you come across at work or school, or simply people who are on your FB that see your posts but never say anything. I know this for a fact from this blog where out of nowhere I will get a message from someone who I find out has been reading my blog for years and they finally decide to say hello.

I may not be able to use words to describe my sincerity here but I really do believe that that you are beautiful and have so much to offer. Remember that there are tough times but if you have patience and remember that life may not unfold in the way you envisage but it will still be worth while. Good things happen. I see so much beauty, I just wish I could share that vision with you. Stay strong and never forget that someone, somewhere does love and care.