Do you find that when you are in a relationship you become much more patient? I’m not necessarily talking about just in the relationship but also in other areas of your life.

I have found my level of patience has become almost unnatural lol. That’s not to say I don’t explode but it is a rare occurrence. I believe that one of the things you learn from being in a relationship is that sometimes it’s necessary to compromise and because you spend so much time compromising on little things, and I mean compromising equally, you tend to find you become better at a lot of things.

You become better at listening. You become more patient. You become less concerned when you don’t win and you realise that there are more important things in life. It would probably be easy to become lazy to the point of giving up, particularly in a work environment but I feel that there are just somethings that are not really important. There are other times that I think you just become aware that some people have to learn lessons in a different time.

I know in my past relationships I was considered very patient, but in work I was quite impatient expecting people to keep up. Over time I realise that the patience I learned in relationships has somewhat also changed how I interact at work. I have become more patient. I still have a low tolerance for stupid people and those at work who are just not interested in taking their jobs seriously and they do exist. But I know that these are people who Karma will deal with in due course. I still don’t understand people who don’t have work ethic but I have realised that you just have to performance manage them out and even though the time it takes to do that is a lot, in the end it is part of the the job.

Patience is a great thing to have in life because not only does it give you the opportunity to notice more, it also has a calming effect because you are not always stressed.