Who Are You?

I have been thinking a lot lately of brand building. Not of a company but of myself. The motivation isn’t necessarily to build a career or even notoriety in any way. My motivation is more to control my digital presence and how I am represented. This extends to where my name appears on the web, at least in those areas within my control.

The recent Qantas twitter disaster has been playing on my mind which you can search for if interested. However what it made me realise is that in many respects you cannot control what people say about you on the net, yet you can control how you manage and interact online.

I see the importance of creating a personality online because like growing up IRL you can change and evolve but the impacts online are far greater simply because the old you is going to always be there and if you are not in control of your online presence than it will control you and could potentially impact on you for the rest of your life. I really believe people need to be more mindful of this. I was just imagining all those who are out there posting inappropriate pictures whether or not they can really fathom that those pictures will resurface in the future and could impact on how you are perceived. You can say you don’t care but the reality is you will when it costs you something that you really wanted.

Now comes the hard part. How to manage this is the most difficult part. I have already started removing myself from the sites I no longer want my name on, but it will be a long time before search engines remove my name from their history. So that is why it is important to start now. Eventually I will have a little more control. It seems that you have to really think through how you will be represented and formulate your identities accordingly. I have realised that it has been made more complicated with sites utilising logins from Facebook or Google which just spreads your identity further.

I am looking forward to formulating these identities and even though they will be me, they will be easier to control.