Something I have observed recently is a personality type that is really interesting. the type of person I am referring to is the person who shows no interest in you unless it revolves around accompanying them out drinking. This is the kind of person who you only hear from when they obviously want to go out but need help.

Generally this kind of person doesn’t have a lot of depth and really their focus is always on themselves. Sometimes they are good at making you feel that you are on their radar but generally they are pretty transparent and self indulgent. The only downside to this group is if you play into their games. Mainly because they really don’t value your attention and if you give it to them tend to really distract you from what is really important in your life.

However, what I find is if you ignore this type of person or confront them about their ways they quickly disappear because really what they are looking for is attention and someone who focuses on them. If you give them the attention they become like a stalker because they are constantly in need of that validation. In the end this kind of person really needs to be confronted because that’s what they really need. Someone needs to stand up and say that this kind of behaviour is not positive. They will either appreciate it in the end or they will just move on to someone who gives them the attention.

I think in this day and age we spend too much time pandering to people that are not important in our lives. As I have spoken about in the past, we have limited time and emotional energy in us and where we focus that is extremely important. If we start handing out that energy in the wrong places it tends to impact on us in ways that affect other parts of our lives. So in the end it ends up negatively impacting on parts of our lives that actually are important.

I’ve noticed this throughout my life and maybe how we deal with these situations changes as we mature. I know that is the case for me. I really have very limited time for superfluous people. Quality is the most important thing when it comes to our emotional interactions.