Cheekynerd Returns

I know I've been MIA for a while (well about half a week), but it's all been for something. As you know we have been moving house. The move itself is done and completed as of yesterday. We still have to tie up some loose ends but it's over. Now it's just a matter of unpacking. I will say as far as movers go I think I found the best movers to date in Brisbane. So a big thankyou to Dundons, they really were amazing and quick. 

On the flip side we are exhausted. I really can't wait until we have recovered. I don't think I have been this exhausted ever. There won't be much time to relax between now and Christmas so I'll be taking every opportunity when it arrises lol. 

On posts, I can't believe how much material has been floating out there so I'll be working on some posts and have them up soon. 

On a purely X-Factor moment, I am completely shocked that the act sent home tonight on X-Factor was Three Wishes. I really thought they would get to the final. But then I also thought Declan would have been. I definitely think Reece deserves to be in the final but I'm not sure I understand the Reece mania out there. I don't think he is hot and think it's a little disturbing that so many do particularly since he is only 16, but then again I am famous for saying I don't understand people sometimes. He is talented though and I'm pretty confident he will win. 

Anyway, I'm off for now.