Moving House

At the moment we are in the process of moving house. We love the new place so hopefully all will run smoothly. At present we don't have the internet in the old house so I will post what when I can between now and the final move on Monday, but know that it may be a little all over the place. I can post by email from work so although there may not be any pictures or very few I will try and keep you all up to date.

At present we have moved all the animals and are currently just moving small items via car to save the packing. The movers are in on Monday to take the furniture. the internet was connected this morning at the new place but as we are not living there yet it really means we can only access it when we are there.

Luckily we are only moving a couple of blocks from the current place. Anyway for now I must run, but will try and keep up with some posts as I go.