Well today they announced the iPhone4S which is pretty much what I expected. There’s been a lot of rumours around for some time around the new iPhone, including everything from a different shape, screen size to the possibility of it being 4G. As an Apple fan-boy I really didn’t expect any of these things. I had some small level of excitement in some ways hoping I may have been wrong but in the end we got pretty much what I expected.

After last years lost iPhone frenzy I have suspected that Apple may have been behind many of the rumours that have been out there, but knowing some points about Apple made me think that this iPhone wouldn’t be much different to the original iPhone4. You don’t get rid of a design one year (or 18 months) after it comes out so the fact that it’s the same shape doesn’t surprise me at all. The new processor just makes sense based on the latest iPad2.

I have been running iOS5 for sometime now so I knew about most of the features talked about today and the code didn’t hide any secrets about new sizes and designs to the screen. This potentially would have caused developers a lot of problems. The new apps are nothing special but are ok.

As far as the Siri voice recognition assistant I am hopeful that this could be a great feature and something that I have been looking for. However only time will tell how well this feature integrates into the real world and it’s only available on the 4S. I am not sure I will rush into a new iPhone at this stage. My partner is in desperate need of a new iPhone so I will see what his is like before investing in one myself.

My theory on the evolution is that Apple may now bring out the next generation iPhone, maybe earlier than we expect. This years launch was delayed from the usual mid year launch unril October. They may want to bring it back into line next year and we may see the next iPhone back around mid year. This would make sense because most people who bought the iPhone4 would have entered into 2 year contracts which will come due next year around July/August, so it would make sense that they (Apple) will want to grab these people before they look at an alternative.

I for one am still a fan of the iPhone and even with alternatives out there like Android and Windows7 mobile I like the Apple ecosystem and will at this stage continue to support it. Only time will tell with the 4S, how it will go and even though there are no real surprises or ground breaking elements to it I am pleased with the launch.

After I have an opportunity to play with the 4S I will report back and let you know if I was wrong about any of my thoughts.