From a Quote


I have always remembered the quote “I’m not young enough to know everything”

This seems to be something I realise for and more. The arrogance and self centred nature of some young can be frustrating. I have no doubt that I was probably like that when I was younger too and it’s just one of those things that you learn throughout your life.

I just think to myself that I must have been so annoying when I was younger, well I probably still am but maybe to a lesser degree. It is interesting to see the know it all attitude of many young. In most cases I know they just don’t know any better, but it seems like the learning curve is different for everyone.

To some degree I think it’s awesome that young people are full of dreams and enthusiasm and I support that where I can. I think it’s a must to have those dreams. I think it becomes more frustrating when you see people who seem to have a view of how their lives should be but it’s not grounded in any form of reality. I’m not talking about dreams, I think dreams and working hard to get them is great. I am talking about things like expecting to be paid big salaries with no experience or if you look at FB, relationships are over as soon as there’s a rough patch.

I’m wondering if it’s a class in reality that should be taught at school. Yet there are some young people (definitely from my experience a minority) who for whatever reason maybe still learning and growing but are grounded in values of something doesn’t have to be easy to be worthwhile and working hard.

I was brought up that if you want something in life you have to work for it. Don’t expect others to hand you everything on a silver platter. I was brought up to understand that relationships have good times and bad, sometimes there are good years and bad years but you stick with it and work through the issues. Another area that I find sometimes frustrating is when I get new staff who seem to think you need to give in to their every whim. An example of this is a staff member who due to laziness lost a considerable amount of money. The attitude though is almost, so what. I don’t understand this poor work ethic. In business you act professionally and enjoy what you do. Don’t expect to be mothered and just do the job. It’s amazing that I see people walk in from outside of the organisation with no experience and do a better job than others who have been around a while. I do believe in these cases it is simply related to work ethic. Some people have a good ethic and others don’t. Same as with values, some have them and some don’t.

I hold out hope for society and believe that we can teach good values and ethics by setting the example. This means no bullshit. Be authentic and don’t pander to people. I see too many people playing games and living an unauthentic life. Life is too beautiful to be living it without values and ethics.