Depression & Suicide

I was going to write about yet another gay teen suicide but then thought to myself that there are plenty of people writing about it out there. So I’ll just mention it as it is important to my story. The recent suicide of Jamey Hubley who wrote on his blog just prior to his suicide. So READ HERE and no doubt you will start to get the picture. You can also watch a clip of him doing a Lady Gaga below.

Jamey did suffer from Chronic Depression and in many ways I believe that many underestimate the debilitating impact that depression can have. It’s a word that in some ways has lost it’s impact because of it’s generic use in society. However the condition is real and depression can affect everyone. The degree that it can affect you is what varies.

What I find frightening is that we live in a society that is connected 24/7 and yet people are feeling more and more disconnected. I see this type of thing every day due to my work being in this field. It is easy for people to say that if you don’t want to be bullied or don’t want to feel even more depressed you should stay away from places like Facebook. However for many of our young that is even more difficult. If you are feeling alone you will be desperate to feel some connection and you will turn to places like FB to find a connection. they may know it’s not likely to happen but even a small chance is better than none in their own minds. 

This is true for many and not just those who are bullied, unfortunately when you throw things like bullying into the picture you are just compounding that sense of isolation. It is a sign that even with this connectedness, as humans we want real life connections. using the word ‘want’ doesn’t explain it because I believe humans need to connect to at least one other person. We are not programmed to be completely alone.

I don’t have the answers but have to wonder what as a society we are doing wrong that people are feeling so disconnected. Are we setting things up in a way that discourages connection? Are people being bombarded with too much information that it causes depression? Are we not educating people enough and giving them tools that can help them connect? Due to the 24/7 information overload do people feel that others are connecting and it’s only them? If this is the case we need to act. I would like to find some research on this so that it can help me better understand what is going on in society.

I really wish I had the answers and I really wish I could reach out. It is sad when someone takes their own life and hope that at some point in the future we can find a way to stop this happening.