All Kinds of Honesty

Values and ethics are an important part to each person's life. One of those is honesty. Whether it be at work or at home I am one of those people who believe that honesty is absolutely necessary. 

Seriously honesty is a non negotiable. At work I will never lie. I may have to be a little diplomatic about how I deliver the truth sometimes but I have learnt that you can still be honest. I know some may find it hard to believe but you can be honest at work and in fact I think it will actually work in your favour. You just have to work on the delivery. 

In a personal relationship I think it cannot survive without honesty, at least on my part. Again sometimes you have to be diplomatic about delivery but in the end complete honesty is a must. The reason is for me as some in my past can confirm, you will not be in a relationship with me if you are dishonest. And really, do you want to be in a relationship where you have to cover up lies all the time. Life is hard enough without having to put that kind of energy in at home. I know that I am completely honest with my partner because it is important to me and who I am that he always know how I feel and where I stand. Otherwise why would I be here. 

Research has shown that if you are not honest and are living with lies you will age more quickly probably because you have to always remember lies upon lies. For me I don't want to speed up the aging process so I'll stay honest lol. I know sometimes my honesty gets me into trouble but in the end I feel a lot better by being that way.Life is too short to add another complication.