I was reminded of the topic of narcissism recently and I heard the statement “what is wrong with a little self promotion?”. To answer that question I simply thought to myself that really there is nothing wrong with a little narcissism. the argument I hear is that it is confidence. That may be true to a point but looking at it a little more closely I realised there are some lines that you should be careful of.

There is nothing wrong with self promotion, in fact in this day and age you need to self promote in order to get out there. The times really have changed. However narcissism comes into play when your public hype that you use to self promote infiltrates your personal life. When you start using your hype with your family or friends that is when you may have a problem. Also if you start to see yourself as better than who or what you really are than there is a problem.

When talking about Narcissism I am not talking about Narcissistic personality disorder just narcissism. Personally I find that narcissism is more and more common particularly in the youth I come across. That’s not to say that I don’t see it in older people just it seems more obvious in younger generations. I somewhat believe that maybe it is a direct symptom of the times when it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, therefore each generation has a harder battle to do this. Maybe this is something that leads to selfishness. 

We do however have to be careful. When the way you view yourself or your so called self promotion has a negative impact on people then you should stop and think. One of the symptoms that eventuates is selfishness. This 'Me' mentality does create a lot of problems. It appears sometimes that people just will not empathise. We really are a collective society. Without the feeling of community life just doesn't have a point. Think about the impact you have on others when making decisions and not just about your own needs. It appears that many out there only think of themselves but it seems they don't know any different. That in itself has probably come from the attitude that everyone deserves to win. We see this now in schools now where everyone gets a trophy or there are no winners. We have grown up being told how awesome we are that maybe more than ever we have started to believe our parents hype. 

I believe everyone is special, but I don't believe everyone is perfect or great at everything. We are all special in our own way and we need to find our individualality. We don't need to be the best just the best at what we do. You don't have to be famous or have the most Facebook friends to be a great person. You just have to be good at whatever you chose to do.