Love & Life

Something I really find amazing in life is Love. Sometimes I don’t think I spell out enough how in love I am with my partner. As with many I have had a rough time possibly self inflicted, with boyfriends in my past. I feel a little like a book. I have been through the ones that were just bad timing, the alcoholic, the selfish and the mentally unstable to name a few. However I have also acknowledged to myself that I have learned a great deal from them. In fact if it wasn’t for each of those I quite possibly wouldn’t be where I am now.

Luckily for me I then moved on and met Tom. Originally I didn’t understand what drew me to him, although I think it was the sense that he was nothing like the others and I should give him a chance.

From day one, I felt comfortable. Apparently as he tells it, he didn’t sense any nerves and was also surprised at how comfortable we were around each other. Even though we haven’t quite made two years together yet I have realised that this relationship in many ways is what a real relationship should be. Built on mutual love and respect. Don’t misunderstand, we still have our moments like any couple and compromise is a big part of that.

The thing that keeps us going is we have mutual goals and are focused on the direction we are going. We know what we want and we are working towards it. We both have grown a lot and put behind us our youth so to speak and realise that in the end when we take focus away from where we are going we end up losing ground. We sacrifice to get where we want to go, but it really doesn't bother me because I see the sacrifices are on both sides. However in saying that we were only talking the other day at how great our lives are.

The one thing I have realised is that in the truest sense of the words, I love him more and more everyday. That is a strange sentence but it’s true, the depth of love grows everyday. I look forward to seeing him at the end of everyday and miss him when he’s not around.

As you know it was his birthday on the weekend and on that day I realised more than any other just from his face how much he loves me too. That is something I wasn’t used to in the past. So for the future it seems we are heading where we want to go, maybe not quickly enough lol, after all I am impatient sometimes but I know I am with someone who actually wants the same things. For this I am grateful.