Young & Gay

With the recent suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer which has got the attention of worldwide media, there was talk of trying to track down those bullies who contributed and charge them. Now what is so disturbing about this is not only the fact that Jamey was highly visible online through his posts but he was campaigning for and posted his own contribution to the It Gets Better campaign.

For someone who is so active in this area and stood up to be counted, it is really difficult to understand what lead to Jamey’s suicide. From what I’ve heard both his school and his family were very supportive. This really shows that it’s not just young people who don’t have any support around them that will eventually take their own lives.

I am deeply concerned at the level of suicide amongst the young and have had dealings both IRL and through this blog with people who experience suicidal and other thoughts. through this blog I will receive messages at times from people who are experiencing difficult times. I am always willing to talk and have time for anyone going through difficulties. In the time I have been blogging I have only lost touch with one person in this group and I still would love to hear from him. I know he’s not big on the Internet and Nike was or is in France, but I would love to know you and Angel are ok.

The message out there in this campaign of ‘It Gets Better’ is very true and has done a lot of great things to raise awareness and help those who are struggling with coming out or being gay in their society. The danger is to think that things are ok. Yes campaigns like this are doing a great job as are others, but in the end people are still going to feel lost and alone because in many cases that is their day to day reality.

If the only way you can help is to make a video than please do it. But remember it doesn’t compare to being out there living a life and being open about who you are if you are gay and if not be vocal or open about your support for gay issues. If you are at school or work or anywhere and you see homophobia being displayed, whether you are gay, straight or anywhere in between you have to stand up and show that you will not stand for it. The real difference will be made if someone struggling with things sees you in real life standing up and not accepting homophobia. Then be open to being approached by someone struggling and help them.

All the good work in the world will only help if you can see it working in your local community. We all get busy and I know many say to me that they don’t know what they can do to make a difference. To make a real difference just make sure you don’t stand by when you see homophobia in action. Just in your everyday life make sure you stand up for what you believe and when the opportunity arises for you to share your beliefs share them. Don’t shy away from it or think it’s controversial. By speaking up you could be saving a life.