Digital You


Who are we? Well if I asked you about yourself you would tell me about the non-virtual you. The thing that I have realised is that I as a person have gone through many years of growing up. I was born and then over many years due to how I was raised, my experiences and my own self discovery have ended up with the person I am now.

Who we are online and how we interact online is a completely different matter. I’m not saying we are not ourselves although we know that many people have a completely different personality online. What I am saying is that we need to consider our digital self as a separate person. I know you may say that it’s still you but really it’s not.

Think of your digital self as a separate identity. Your digital self will still have the same values that your non digital self has but online is completely new and different, from the types of people you associate with to how you interact to your reputation. Think of your digital self as your child and you are raising it and constantly deciding who you are. We struggle with integrating this technology into our current persona because it is different.

In our lives our identity, who we are is a constant developing and changing thing. In the digital world it should be to. If we don’t consider our digital self as an entity of it’s own we will spend all our time trying to melt the digital and non digital side of us into one.

I realise what I am saying may seem difficult to understand and that is ok. As ‘online’ is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives it can become more and more difficult to work out where it all fits. This is why if we realise that our digital self is growing, and growing up constantly that we need to be flexible and be very clear that this is different to our real life identity. More and more people use the Internet to establish who you are, whether it’s a prospective partner, friend, prospective employer, stalker or a lot of other people. So it would make sense that you have to develop your online persona now before it becomes uncontrollable. protect those elements of yourself that need protecting and allow those things you want to appear in searches through.

We have all heard that once something is in the cloud it is there forever. At the same time we will all make mistakes and grow from them. The key is to think of your digital self as a person and start the process of raising your digital self.