Rules of Attraction


What governs human attraction has a lot of theories out there. I find the topic fascinating! I have noticed that my own history indicates there is no one answer. I can see that one of the elements that attracts me to someone is a personality type. There seems to be similarities in personality types even if I later found out the personality I was attracted to didn’t exist.

However physical attraction is another story. There is no similarities in my past and yet the attraction was there. Then you see a lot of people who are models or what is considered attractive and I really don’t find them appealing. It is really a mystery. Well not entirely. I have my own theory even if it is incomplete.

Obviously there is no simple answer to these questions about attraction. I mean you just have to look around and you can see by the couples that are out there that beauty is different for everyone. What I consider to be gorgeous someone else may not. That’s both physical and emotional not to mention the spiritual. I mean what makes someone physically attractive to us can’t always be explained. Is physical attraction not really physical but a more spiritual thing?

My simplified theory is that attraction operates on a system that consists of a number of points. Let’s for argument say ten different points. Within those ten things there are some that are for physical, some for emotional and some for spiritual. So although we may find someone physically attractive we definitely don’t find them emotionally or spiritually attractive. So for there to be a connection enough of those elements have to match the other person. They may get all our physical points or just some. The key is they have to match our own points for there to be a mutual attraction. It really is like DNA matching.

I know this may be hard to follow but it really is a complicated matching process. I have a long drawn out version of my theory but I don’t want to get into it too far and drive you all crazy. I do however believe by far the spiritual is the most important draw card. It makes us see the beauty in someone. This explains and could in part override other factors. It explains the phrase ‘opposites attract’.

Overall the point is that we are all different and that’s what makes the world so awesome. I love the fact that there is someone for everyone in this world and that is what makes life so amazing.