New Blog


Bullying has always been a problem amongst young people whether gay or not. Unfortunately for gay youth when coupled with the confusion around sexuality it can have some pretty disastrous results.

This post started because of a couple of stories that had been floating about Cyber Bullying but then I started seeing a lot more about suicides. News sites are covering these stories more but thanks to a couple of my feeds that have been covering a lot of the news. So before I continue a quick thankyou to Michael and Queerty.

As I mentioned in a recent post I am deeply concerned about the number of assaults and suicides that are being reported. I mean over the years I have talked about this topic a number of times but I feel really helpless and would like to do something to help but have no idea where to start. Well the least I can do to begin with is start an associated blog about this topic. Now to keep this new blog going I would appreciate it if you could let me know when you find something that may be relevant. Hopefully it will evolve over time but I do want to start by posting about the high rate of suicide, assault and hate crimes within the LGBT group. I would also be interested in related information such as stats or just small events or situations you may hear about or witness yourself. I want to do this for awareness but hope that we can also report on positive experiences as well.

I would like to hear about anything positive you have done or know of that has helped combat this. How do you build support and awareness. What has been done in your country or area whether it be strong enforcement of laws or a local group that has been able to build support.

I want to say I have always been here for anyone that is struggling and if you ever want to talk I am happy to listen. Life is a beautiful thing but it is also a real struggle at times. I  have been there. In the end I found that time does change things and the difference is having someone, even a stranger to talk to.

I have also set up the site so that you can contribute directly. If you would like to publish something on a regular basis just let me know and I will organise access. If you know of resources or the like that I can promote on this site let me know.

So obviously there is a lot of work to be done and design to happen, but for now it is there so feel free to add the RSS Feed and stay up to date.