Baggage or the Luggage Dept


Let’s face it, if you are human you have or have experienced baggage in your life. I’m not sure I like the term baggage but it is the most known term. We all have good and bad experiences in our life that will affect the present.

I am grateful that I have had a lot of great experiences that have helped me grow and become the person I am. Unfortunately there are some negative experiences that come back to hit me in the face from time to time. This baggage can be in any part of our lives but for me the most notable area is in my relationships.

Sometimes they are easy to work out and I pick up on them quickly. An example of this is that I have had a relationship in my past with an alcoholic and another with a binge drinker so I can recognise that my views on alcohol have been partly formed from this experience and those things that came with that. Now, at this point in my life I have very strong views on the subject and sometimes I even get serious flash backs of that time.

Another piece of baggage I have managed to obtain is a certain level of insecurity around honesty and trust. Being that I have been hurt so many times in the past like most we are more cautious when it comes to trusting. I am also a firm believer that trust is earned not an expectation. I don’t think in any interaction you instantly start with total trust. I think it really is earned over a long period of time.

Now whether we recognise issues as baggage or accept them as part of who we are it’s a difficult call. When we get into a new relationship or friendship do we try to ignore the issues we have or accept them. My belief is that I can’t instantly change how things make me feel so I would hope that my boyfriend would take the things that affect me the most on board and be sensitive about them, lol, luckily he does and I feel I am sensitive to his baggage as well. Dealing with this topic is something I feel we luckily work well together on. It doesn’t seem to have ever been a major issue. Communication is key.

Often I feel guilty about this stuff but then I realise that relationships are about the bigger picture and two people who want the best for each other and do whatever it takes. It’s also about understanding that we all carry baggage, even those that claim they don’t lol.

I have a lot of baggage I guess but a lot of the time I feel that I have got past it. Unfortunately I think each bit of baggage we carry takes different amounts of time to get past. Some is easy to get past but other stuff, that has had a deeper impact can take longer to get past. I believe the key is to at least recognise the things we carry and be aware of them as we journey through life.