Telstra is one of those elephants in this country who no body wants to deal with but unfortunately the competition doesn’t measure up. There are three major mobile phone carriers in this country, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Unfortunately the biggest being Telstra has the best coverage. In fact if you wanted to compare it with the U.S carriers, Telstra is by far superior to even those.

However with size we get forced into high prices (slowly getting better) and poor customer service and strategy.

I have been a mobile customer of Telstra’s for years due to the coverage and when I deal with a company all I really ask for is customer service, however you just know that you wont get this.

The iPhone4 was released in Australia last Friday. Last Tuesday pricing was released. Before all of this I had registered on the Telstra site to be kept up to date. Well first not one update was or has since been emailed. I have to wonder what the point of registering interest was about. The only thing I can think of is it gives them a target list to ring when they feel like it, probably in several months.

Last Wednesday I received a call from Optus trying to sell me the iPhone, which was nice but I really need the coverage so I declined. All I really want to do is order one so when it becomes available I know it will show up. Unfortunately after a lot of tweeting and digging Telstra informs us that they won’t take phone orders and the only way you can have one is to line up at midnight on launch day and hope they don’t run out of stock.

As much as I would have liked one straight away I wasn’t going to do that and I would have been happy just to know I could order it and wait. But no. the story goes on but isn’t worth repeating.

Is it too much to ask that a company get there customer service right. I have been watching the net and you don’t have a lot of nice comments. Customer service should be your first priority and your first business priority. Get it right and people will be much happier. they may even be happy paying the higher prices. Better to have happy customers. It’s sad that you have this ‘don’t care’ attitude towards your service levels. Give your customer service teams the right information and the ability to make the customer happy. Really, this is not difficult. Get this right and the rest will follow.