I Miss


I’m not delusional when I say this, but sometimes I really miss the feeling of innocence that I had when I was 12. Not that I was that innocent but there is a simplicity that exists before adulthood. You know that feeling when you have a day that is carefree and sweet. A day when you just enjoy the time you are spending with someone without the complications of alcohol or sex or any of the more adult like behaviours. Without the worries of work or anything else.

I had one of these days a week or so ago. It was so amazing. A day when I just had a relaxing, worry free day just enjoying the scenery, the food and beauty in the world. I am determined to have more of these.

I really love life and love the people that are in my life. I think if we take the time to just enjoy the goodness and happiness in the world we would be much happier. Forget the alcohol, forget the parties, just get away and relax with nature. It’s really difficult to explain the feeling but it is achievable. I wish I could explain it better but I can’t.

I think too often we spend our time dealing with the day to day problems and stresses that life throws at us. We end up with a busy calendar or just exhausted. This is not what life is about. Life is about family and spending time with those we love. Take some time and just remember what gives you true feelings of peace. I say peace because people often think they are the happiest when they are busy or partying or the centre of attention. But the reality is we are at our happiest when we are at peace. When do we feel the most at peace? When we are just spending simple moments with someone we love or simply by ourselves.

Work out when you have those peaceful happy moments and turn it into a whole day. Truly the most amazing thing.