Quality of Friends


One of the things that I have always been comfortable with is the need to ensure that the people around me are quality. Obviously at times I cop slack because I don’t keep certain people around but in the end I am a firm believer that the quality of people around me has a direct impact on the rest of my life.

The result of this lifestyle is that I maintain a small group of friends who are real friends and who are generally low maintenance. Does this mean that there are no problematic or high maintenance people around me? No, but they are few and are in an outer circle and only receive limited time.

I operate my life not in a system of thinking that there is a certain amount of time and then allocate it out. I work under the premise that I have a certain amount of energy and emotional strength available. I then prioritise where that should go. Now obviously work receives a fair amount of ET (emotional time). My other major priority is my own family and then after that what is left over goes to friends and other things. Now obviously that’s a simplified way of outlining it but it works.

Now I know that there are people out there who need loads of people around them and in their circle and I think that’s great if you can do that. However that is only good as long as it doesn’t cut into ET that would be better spent on the people that will be there for you and who genuinely care about you.

I don’t feel I neglect friends but that is because they actually have their own lives therefore any time we give each other is quality time. I don’t waste my time on people who use me to occupy themselves and I don’t waste my time on people who sap my energy.

This all may sound harsh, but in reality it’s not as harsh as it sounds. I also give people the chance for me to know them. I truly find that by giving my energy to those that matter the quality of people and relationships in my life is amazing.