Stolen Meme


My 2 Cents

1. What were doing 10 years ago?

2. Five snacks that you enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world

3. Five things you would do if you were a billionaire:

4. Three of your habits:

5. Five jobs that you’ve have had:

6. Five places that you’ve lived:

7. Five things that you did yesterday:

8. Five people you would want to get to know more about:

9. Abortion: for or against it?

10. Do you think the world would fail with a female president?

11. Do you believe in the death penalty?

12. Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?

13. Are you for or against premarital sex?

14. Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?

15. Do you think it’s wrong that so many Hispanics are illegally moving to the USA?

16. Should the alcohol age be lowered to eighteen?

17. Should the war in Iraq be called off?

18. Assisted suicide is illegal: do you agree?

19. Do you believe in spanking your children?

20. Do you worry that others will judge you from reading some of your answers?