Boys and Self Esteem


Self Esteem or a lack of seems to have a huge impact on peoples behaviour. When it's an ex it doesn't make it any easier. This ex has always had low self esteem, but from what I hear it has sunk to a new low. I should be angry but really it's sad.

Luckily I can write about this because he doesn't read my blog but the reason I find it sad is that I know he is better than that. I guess it all comes from the fact that he is doing what many do and telling lies about me in order to deflect from the fact that he can't admit that he did wrong.

I know it's not uncommon for an ex to say bad things about you so they can look tough in front of the insignificant people they are trying to impress. But it really has to come from low self esteem. I mean, I'm more than happy to admit that I made mistakes in the relationship but I'm not going to tell lies about it. Also I am not about to say nasty things about him because that shows disrespect for the time we had together.

I guess the other thing I find difficult to understand is after this amount of time I would have thought he would have moved on and be able to stop this behaviour. I guess if he has to lie about it, it means he still hasn't dealt with it.

Why do so many people do this. Why is it that there appears to be such a lack of self esteem with gay males. I'm not sure if it's the same in the straight world but it seems to be rampant in the gay one. I can admit that I struggle with my own self esteem at times but I also know who I am, and I am not going to go around saying hurtful things about people just to make myself feel better.

I guess I have just never understood it. It does go to show that even those we consider beautiful and amazing can suffer from low self esteem. Do something today to build someones self esteem. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and everyone in this world is beautiful. If only everyone realised it. Be Happy!