Ryan & Marriage


Before I start, I would like you to call keep Ryan in your thoughts. Ryan has been an amazing blogger who has given a lot to this blog over the years and has had a pretty rough year. Not being well lately has just added to the drama. Ryan is one of those who has always inspired me and my thoughts are with him.

Now for my commentary for today. I was absorbing my news today when I saw a story about gay marriage. It appears that news.com has surveyed over 100,000 people to gauge the marriage issue. This is timely because it’s a big issue in this country at the moment. The results nationally show that 46% support, 35% don’t support it and 19% don’t care. In my own electorate it’s higher with 54% support. Now the PM’s electorate and even the opposition leaders electorate, and remember these are the people who directly voted for them to represent are in majority in support of gay marriage. I know this is good but my mind just seems to find these numbers a little underwhelming. If anything I would have expected both support and don’t care numbers to be much higher. Why?

the reason I say this is because I don’t understand the objections. Why are people so afraid? Or is it ‘change’ that people don’t like? I would like to look at a survey that looks at the people they are asking. I would like to see the breakup of those surveyed and how many are straight v’s gay, how many are single - married and how many are divorced or onto their second or third marriages.

My point being that when you live in a country that treats marriage as an event which can be completed with a convenient divorce rather than a lifelong commitment than how can you object. The other side of this argument is simple, it’s the right thing to do. There are people out there who don’t want to be married and that’s fine with me, but if two people want to be married and are committed to each other than let them. I would rather see gay marriage legalised but at the same time put more steps into place before allowing anyone to marry or divorce, anyone.

I think in many ways these days marriage is seen either as a rite of passage or it’s ingrained as a social tradition. I don’t believe many see it as the ultimate sign of love which to me it is. Many people I have spoken to got married because the wife got knocked up so it was socially responsible. Is that really a good reason to get married? Marriage for that reason isn’t as much of a deal as it used to be but if that’s what marriage was about it should never have happened.

Ultimately allowing this change in law is the right thing to do and if nothing else should be allowed because (giggle) there is separation of church and state, therefore religion has nothing to do with this. You could argue that marriage is a religious rite so if that’s the case force everyone who wants to get married to marry in the church. Otherwise that argument is null and void.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.