A World Gone Mad


I recently saw THIS story in the news and it got me thinking. The story is basically of a 14 year old boy Sam Matheson who saw a whale close to where he was so swam out to the whale and briefly sat on the whale. The story went international with groups up in arms. It is also illegal to go within 30 metres of a whale. Read the story for more indepth coverage.

So it got me thinking, firstly I didn’t know and I’m sure many of you didn’t know that the law was there. Secondly, who the hell wouldn’t take this once in a lifetime chance to be so close to something so big within nature.

Now I had to consider the whole conservation side of things and looked at other coverage of this story to see if I was missing something. But in the end I think this is one of those situations where I really believe the world has gone crazy. I mean, it was only yesterday I was having a conversation about how the days when you could pitch a tent in a national park and go camping. Now you can’t do that without jumping through many hoops.

Then I see this story and I think here is a kid who took an opportunity to be a part of nature and seriously it is a once in a lifetime chance. He didn’t have any malicious intent and didn’t want to do anything wrong. He simply wanted to be near such an amazing creature. He is then persecuted.

People, we are losing our humanity and it has to stop. One of the comments left by a reader gave me a chuckle, it said “maybe he should have just said he was with Greenpeace and wanted to give the whale a hug”. In reality, that was all he wanted to do, leave him alone and take a look at yourselves.