It's time to Change the World


I have been pondering this topic for as long as I can remember. But moreso lately because I think that we as the human race need to make some seriously big decisions. Society will eventually implode if we don't make some fundamental changes.

You hear a lot more about people wanting to do more for the human race. You hear people saying they want to make their country the best in the world. But without an entire shift this is never going to happen. Ok, you may not be sure where I am going with this but here it is.

Here in Australia for example we see many companies reporting huge profits. In particular Telco’s, Utility providers and Banks. The reason they are after huge profits is not so they can grow, but rather in order to make the company look good for shareholders. The dividend is the most important thing. Just consider for a minute if these companies reduced their profits to enough to grow and continue to provide a service. Then the fee’s, interest rates or prices would be reduced to many. Imagine the improvement in quality of life for a nation.

Why then are there not more companies out there not being greedy? Simple really, we as a society have developed a financial system that is totally based on greed and capitalism. There are many CEO’s out there who would be happy to reduce prices. However because of the financial system we operate under, the focus is on profit and dividends.

I know this all sounds scary because there are a lot of implications but that is why I say that it requires an entire nation or world change. The financial system needs to be abolished. Get rid of the stock exchange, remove the reliance on profits and get back to basics. You may think it can’t work but it can. People generally want to do the right thing. People generally want to see themselves and others flourish.

We are bombarded with bullshit propaganda that common sense will say doesn’t work. For example at the moment in Queensland (and for some time now) there has been a push by the government for people to monitor and make their houses more energy efficient. That propaganda tells you it will help reduce your electricity bill. However this is just ludicrous. Why? Because the people who supply us with electricity are big profit driven companies. So in the short term we will find some benefit financially, but the other side of this is that when this causes the profits to start dropping at the electricity company they will just have to increase prices to be able to show how they are increasing profits each year.

I would love to see a nation just start making the hard decisions and seriously look at the future. However if my own country cannot even see the inequality they nurture towards gays then I'm not sure they will lead the way.