Emotional Flexibility is one of the traits that I have realised humans really do have. You may not think so but it’s true. Think about the relationship you are in right now or one that you have been in. If there are adjustments you need to make you do it.

Let me give you an example. I have had a few relationships in my time. Each one has been different and I can’t say any of them were particularly bad although others may disagree. But one of my previous relationships took a hell of a lot of work. This was in part due to that partner having psychiatric issues. Now in the time we were together I adjusted to the extra effort and work it took, I compromised on some things and never did I not want to be with him. Really no matter how hard it got I was there and committed.

On the other hand I have a relationship now that is low maintenance and easy. We are totally comfortable with each other and there is no major work involved. Don’t misunderstand, we still work on the relationship to ensure we are both going in the same direction but it’s not hard work.

In my first example, I was always emotionally exhausted but didn’t think twice about being there. Now it’s not emotionally exhausting at all.

I guess I just realised that we as humans really do adjust to the situations we are in. As long as we have the coping mechanisms in place we accept our lives and just keep moving forward. I do think there are other issues that we need to take into consideration in life but in a simplistic form it’s good to know that we have the ability to adjust.