Angry Ants

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Recently Eddie commented on the apparent increase in angry people around. I have to agree and am noticing it on many fronts some related to Eddie’s commentary and some not.

I do think that the time of year has something to do with it. I have noticed over the years that during the lead up to Christmas, people become more and more stressed and angry. I guess by this time in the year burn out is definitely a factor. I know that I can feel it.

But this isn’t the only place I am noticing it. Even online I am noticing more and more anger and frustration, even on Facebook. But especially I am noticing it in the blogosphere. People are writing much more angry posts and the comments are starting to get a little frustrating.

On my blogs alone I have seen an increase in attacks by some very bitter people. Most are the religious groups and I will not approve them, mainly because they are very personal attacks. I have even seen a comment by a very insecure and bitter person who I know (easy to work out with IP Tracking). This surprised me because I never expected that person to be so bitter, but then apparently I am not the best judge of character. I have no problem approving comments that disagree with me on my beliefs but I will not allow personal attacks. Also if you have an opinion about something I have written or anything at all, at least have the guts to stand by your conviction and put your name to it. It seems to be a common theme that those who attack seem too gutless to identify themselves.

It is a stressful time of year and you will feel the pressure. The main thing is to recognise that you are in that space and allow yourself some time to rest. Life is too short to be angry or bitter. Life is about love and learning. Put that energy into positive things and you will surely be happier.