Beautiful Reply


You are a stone sitting on the beach. The waves come one after the other - again and again. over time the stone will be worn down and become dented or soften. Water can move mountains, rust iron, put out fire, water always finds a way...

The good thing about feelings and emotions is this ...

They come, like the waves. At first it may seem like a right old slam of water on you and knocks you on your bum.

As subsequent waves come, you know they are going to come, and you can better prepare for them in hindsight. And the next hit isn't as bad as the last. Until the wave comes eventually and nothing happens at all.

It's like polishing a diamond. Every cut is specific and every polishing is good. Our life is that diamond. It is constantly under the wheel of refinement. Every issue that comes up and passes by, we polish the gem. Every time you swipe a cut on the gem, the gem gets much more beautiful. With each passing day of emotions and feelings we polish the diamond.

Emotions like dreams and nightmares come and go. You feel something today, or dream something at night and you have a nightmare, and you go about your day. You go to bed and one night after another the nightmare or dream doesn't return... time passes and you find that you haven't had that dream or feeling in a while, we become desensitized after while, and emotions and feelings don't hit us as hard as time goes by.

A little pain reminds us that we are human, too much pain and we end up in fear. Which can turn into fuck everything and run syndrome.

Recognize the feelings for what they are and let them go - the sooner you can do that each time the feeling comes up, the faster you will work past them, until it becomes like rote for you. The shorter time it takes you to let go of a particular feeling or emotion will determine how much you suffer because of them.

Let Go - (quickly) - and let the universe do the rest.

Stay on the path.