Alcohol & Fingerprints!


I'm not an expert on technology but I was reading a story in the news that Perth clubs etc are looking at introducing fingerprint technology in an attempt to keep out troublemakers and the like. The technology would be interconnected so that if someone was banned for violent behaviour it would register with other establishments.

Now since I believe that you enter an establishment under the rules of an establishment I think this is a great idea as long as it is clearly marked. I realise that this kind of set up could be abused by clubs etc if for example they don't like someone but as long as there is processes in place to deal with this than let it happen. I mean real estate agents have a similar system for renting places why not the club/bar industry.

As far as I'm concerned if someone is stupid enough to get drunk and cause trouble than they should be banned. I would like to see other cities introduce this. I'm not an expert on the technology but in theory it could also be potentially used for ID checking/registration and has an instant effect if someone causes trouble in one place and then walks down the street to another.

At the moment a lot of places scan ID's and in the past when it was allowed you had a wall of shame with photo's of banned people. This just brings the liquor industry into the new century. As far as I'm concerned if it helps cut down on the violence, deaths and just dick heads out there then bring it on.