Social Sites - Join me




I've found it fascinating as I have got into social sites like myspace, livejournal and facebook. Strangely I like myspace and live journal because they cross post from my blog. I've just started working with myspace but I find it quite good. Facebook on the other hand I use at the moment, because it has helped me connect with people from my past, however I don't think I will keep it forever. Facebook is extremely overwhelming, probably because of all the crap that gets thrown at you.

That is why in the left hand sidebar where there are links to my social networking sites, they will work with the exception of Facebook because I couldn't take too much invasion lol. However by all means if you are on livejournal or myspace feel free to add me as a friend.

I am yet undecided whether social networking sites are good or not. I believe they can be ok as long as you keep close control and don't let them get out of hand. However I can understand how these types of sites can so easy cause stress if you don't manage them well. It's also understandable how young people mess their heads up with this stuff considering when they have hundreds and hundreds of "friends" on these sites. You do lose a piece of yourself or at the very least a little bit of your privacy. Not so much in a physical sense but an emotional. I can't explain it well, but it's easy to see how the new age of communication causes serious psych problems. I will see. I have my emotional panic button ready to go if I need to.