Blogging Meme


  1. Do you promote your blog?
    Not really... I basically just let people stumble by and decided if they want to stay or not.

  2. How often do you check hits?
    About once a day. Sometimes more depending on what's going on.

  3. Do you stick to one topic?
    Never. Although being that quite often I write about my life and observations, I guess there is some similarity.

  4. Who knows that you have a blog?
    I'm not sure, but don't really care.

  5. How many blogs do you read?
    About 20 or 30 daily but also flick through about 200 which is how many I have in my feedreader.

  6. Are you a fast reader?
    I would have to say yes

  7. Do you customise your blog or do anything technical?
    Well, not really, but I do customise.

  8. Do you blog anonymously?
    Yeah... I guess if you mean that I don't use my real name.

  9. To what extent do you censor yourself?
    Not a lot. Actually generally not at all. There are some things that I hesitate in writing about publicly but I don't really censor.

  10. The best thing about blogging?
    The people I have met. I have gained a great group of regular readers who have become friends. This has to be the best part.