A Few Thoughts



My Life in the YYZJarad Like Sands

  • Why is it people who could most benefit from therapy are the ones who are not there

  • Isn't it strange that we put a vote to the people that really is an issue of discrimination. That would be like putting a vote to the people in Afghanistan about whether woman should have equal rights.

  • Why do people think that lying is ok? Someone always gets hurt.

  • If you love someone, than show them in every way.

  • If you love someone, don't let outside distractions cost you that person.

  • Read a lot, it's the greatest form of escape and knowledge.

  • Show your values to everyone and don't compromise them.

  • Be fair to everyone and never hurt anyone.

  • Take the time to enjoy the fragrance of a flower.

  • Never take anyone for granted, because tomorrow they may not be there.