Last Night

Last night, the guy I am seeing (lets call him ‘HB’) gave me a whole lot of lyrics he had written and asked me to read them and tell him what I think. I know, that’s very dangerous territory when being asked to comment on such personal material. But anyway there were about thirteen pages of lyrics and I did read them.  

Most were absolutely amazing with one even bringing me to tears. Anyway, after talking to ‘HB’ on the phone I discovered that the one that brought me to tears was actually written about me. Well, let me tell you this, I couldn’t believe the emotions that were going through me. You see ‘HB’ has difficulties expressing how he feels a lot of the time and so it didn’t even occur to me when reading them that they were about me. So when I was told that, I was just blown away. I have never had such beautiful things said about me.  

Ok, so this may be a little sappy, but I mean if we don’t appreciate the truly heartfelt things when they occur then what hope do we have. I seriously would say that those lyrics are the most incredible words ever spoken to me. What is even more amazing is that they are from someone who I didn’t think capable of saying anything like that.  

So to you my babe, you are precious and I appreciate the things you do.