37 Random meme


1. Do you still talk to the person you last had a thing with?
2. Have you ever seen your best friend cry?
3. What kind of vitamins did you take as a kid? None
4. What is the last thing you ate?
5. Did you get any compliments today?
6. Have you ever gone to court?
7. What does the seventh text message in your inbox say?
8. Are you friends with your neighbours?
9. Do you have any regrets?
10. Do you remember your first kiss?
11. What towns have you lived in?
12. What's the last piercing you got?
13. When was the last time you drove more than 15 minutes?
14. Have you ever thrown up from drinking?
15. Do you get jealous easily?
16. Have you ever played Spin the Bottle?
17. Toilet papered someone's house?
18. Have you ever had a crush on your brother or sister's friends?
19. Have you ever gone to a beach?
20. Do you remember your teacher's names from primary school? Not at the moment
21. How good is your eyesight?
22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks? Maybe
23. What would you say if I told you I was in love with your brother?
24. Have you ever been out of your country?
25. Have you seen your best friend naked?
26. What's the best wedding you've been to?
27. Would your parents be mad if you got arrested for fighting?
28. Where are your siblings right now?
30. Do you have a Honda, Toyota or Nissan? None
31. What's the last dream you can remember?
32. Who was the last person to call you?
33. What time did you wake up this morning?
34. What are you doing this weekend?
35. What does the 5th text message on your phone say?
36. Do you drunk dial/txt?
37. What's in your back pocket?