The Life Changing Announcement (5)

Sorry for rushing through the last few posts, we will get more on track with current and ongoing mundane lol soon. 

So the next big thing that has happened recently was a massive announcement from T. A couple of weeks ago T decided to let me in in a big decision. To say it was a game changer is an understatement but as per usual there hasn't been much discussion around it. 

The Personality (4)

I thought before I get into the other big announcement I just want to reflect a little on Our relationship. 

I am in no way perfect and I have struggled with a lot myself over the years. I certainly have some trust issues which is quite surprising to me as they never used to be there. I know that I have been badly hurt, primarily in this relationship and my last one. In both relationships there was infidelity by my partners but the biggest thing is communication. There was little in either.