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with friendships formed on LJ, MSN and other internet sites, although not so much by email (which is interesting) is that when people cease or slow down their comments, or their posting, so too do the friendships -- their quality is related to the quality of the communication, as it is to the speed of the manner by which it is delivered.

Reader Profile - John


How to put me into words. I suppose I should start off by saying I'm a final year Chemical Engineering student, working on my honours thesis by working at a large multi-national prospecting company in Newcastle. I didn't particularly chose to work for a company I consider to be immoral as their rip up the countryside, but the benefit has been I've lived out of home for the last 5 months, and have really begun to discover who I think I really am, away from my parents.
The next issue is that I have no idea what I want to do. I've now almost finished my 4 years of Chemical Engineering, I even won an award for being "The Most Proficient Student in Third Year Process Control and Simulation", and yet I feel unfulfilled. Do I really want to launch next year into a job I may not want? I found a few places I wanted to apply for, but so far one got back to me without so much as an interview to say that I wasn't what they were looking for.
I carry a, possibly vein, hope that one day, everything will fall into place. I will meet the man I am destined to spend my life with, I will have a dream job I never want to leave, and it will just be prefect. I assume that's probably what most people want too. It's not happened to me yet, because I try too hard to make things work when I can see them failing, rather than just accepting that not everything will work, and I need to stop trying to change me to force things.