Beach & Dessert



As everyone knows I love food and although I can eat just about anything I also get cravings. I always say I'm worse than a pregnant woman. So even though I had heaps to eat for brunch I needed more so we decided to take a stroll to Freestyle. Sitting outside we started with some fish and chips and some dips but I was only interested in dessert. So we ordered a couple of desserts. You should definitely check out their site. Whilst eating, the dust storm started to take over and although it wasn't as bad as the last one it still started to irritate my eye's. The service at Freestyle was excellent, particularly the tall asian waiter with a strangely american accent. Must have studied American English. The waiter was exceptional and didn't stop smiling the whole night lol.

After dessert it was a nice stroll back to the house and quite amazing to see so many drunk people at about 8pm in the Valley. Not a pretty sight. Quite funny since places like the Beat and other clubs were only just opening their doors. Actually it made me think about alcohol and I'll write about that next. Anyway, I'm off to shower.