Week in Review

I just wanted to give a quick update. The last week or so has been so busy with work that I have barely had time to reply to emails. Lol, actually it has taken me a while to reply. I need to give some more responsibility to my PA so that he can reply. It's been busy but on the work front it's good busy. Lot's of opportunities and things are taking off. More about that in the future. 

On the home front not much has really changed and it is taking a toll on me but things have been peaceful. There has been no arguments and very little disruption. Although this doesn't help me at least work has been busy so I've had very little time to ponder. 

I know that what I need is more friends so that I can escape things but it will take a bit as I'm much more a solitary person and my experiences of new friends are, well not so great. That's a topic for another day. 

Overall I am doing ok in a minefield. So anyway, there are topics in the news at the moment that I'd like to talk about because as you know I have opinions. So I'll do my best to write something in the next few days. 

My Birthday and more

Well the last week or so has been quite good. I still don't feel comfortable around T, but there has been less tension and generally his treatment of me has been better. I'm not sure whether this is an act or it is genuine. However only time will tell. As long as he isn't prepared to communicate I can't see things greatly improving but as I have said before I will take a day at a time. 

Last weekend I had a birthday and it actually went well. I enjoyed it and other than some awesome gifts I got to enjoy dinner with some of my favourite people. We had dinner at Southern Attitude in Bulimba which I love, then onto drinks at a great little bar and then dessert at Max Brenner although that wasn't much because the food at Dinner was so filling. 

Work is keeping me very busy at the moment and I have to say that is actually helping. There is a lot going on including some mergers and acquisitions plus some great initiatives that keep my interest. It was also nice this week because I got some feedback that my previous employer actually wants me back. I'm not looking for a move although I am open to things should the right opportunity arise that sparks passion, it was just a nice ego boost that came at a time that I needed it. 

Life takes many turns and I am willing to go with the flow. I have never expected life to be easy but occasionally it would be nice to have a break from drama lol.